Monthly-ish Personal Update (Jul 2021)

Hi, this is my monthly-ish personal update to my most valued friends and allies. More info here. Guilt-free unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Here are three updates:

First, at Gen Propel, we completed the first cohort of our job hunting abroad course. 🚀

Our first goals were to validate that there is demand and to get the material out of my head and into the world. We charged $250 to take part in 8 live sessions across four weeks. With barely any promotion, five students joined us.

So far, one student (a lawyer from Brazil in Germany) has landed a job. Here’s what she said about the course:

Take the course! I definitely recommend it. I discovered so many possibilities that I couldn't even have imagined from just following LinkedIn ads and company websites.

Overall, I am happy with and proud of what we’ve achieved.

Our next goal is to have the general content pre-recorded. With that completed, we can focus our time and energy on helping students with their specific challenges. We'll be recording and publishing the course on Skillshare to work toward this goal.

Aside from that, I did a Product PH talk on how Filipino product managers can take their career to a new country and shared my tips on job hunting abroad in the Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast.

Second, on the personal knowledge management front, I was a mentor in Building a Second Brain and did five talks with up to 150+ participants. 😱

It was my first time giving talks to an audience of 150+. I’m proud of having showed up week after week. The students seemed to enjoy and find my talks useful too. After every session, I would get messages like these:

Hi Chiara. I have really been enjoying your sessions and agree with M that yours are among the best this cohort. I really appreciated your decision today to focus on the process rather than the tools, which is ironic because at least for me, the reason I popped in originally was to learn more about Craft. 

It’s amazing that a course on personal knowledge management could attract 1600 participants at an entry price of $1600. All this was achieved and managed by a mere 5 full-time staff and 30 alumni mentors over five weeks.

Part of my goal with joining these courses is to improve my own. How to best minimize creator time while maximizing student engagement and outcomes? For that, the gold standard is still the Akimbo workshops (personally, I’ve taken altMBA and Story Skills Workshop).

Finally, on a more fun note, I’m inline skating and playing the harmonica!

I can now inline skate comfortably, but not enough to do TikTok videos, which was the goal 😅 Here’s Day 3 at the beginning of the learning journey:

I got back to learning the harmonica. Here’s me playing the intro to Piano Man, the song that made me want to play the instrument.




Here's my biggest challenge: I want to consistently (1) write, (2) work on Gen Propel, while (3) doing great work at a full-time product job. 

I realized I can do anything I schedule into my morning (7:30am to 9am), but so far I've only been able to work on one thing at that one slot. In February and March, it was writing. In April and May, it was Gen Propel. In May and June, it was Building a Second Brain. But never all at the same time... Do you have any tips? 😅

Anyway, what’s the latest with you? Hit reply. I’d love to hear from you.

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